Class Membership

Sailors must be current Class members in order to compete in any Class event.

Membership is annual from Jan 1 to Dec 31 of each year. 

New members who join after November 1 receive the following year included in their fee.

Renewals paid after  March 1 of each year will incur a $50 late fee.


To join or renew your membership, click here.


Membership Categories 

  • Sailor Member
    $100 New or renewal


  • Boat Registration
    $100 (first time)
    $50 (renewal)


  • Sailing Association or Yacht Club
    $500 (includes registration for up to 10 boats owned by the assocation or club).


  • Sailing Association or  Yacht Club Boat Registration
    $50 per boat (owned by the assocation or club)


  • Sustaining Member (Parents, supporters, etc.)


  • Instructor/Coach
    $25 (annual)


  • Commercial Sponsor
    $500 (Includes promotional link on the website)


  • Non-US Sailor


Boat Registration Details

Each boat owner is required to register his/her boat with the US Class and renew that registration each year.  When a boat is resold, the new owner shall notify the Class by registering it with the Class.


To register a boat

  • Log into your Account as a Class member
  • Click "edit details"
  • Click "boats" in the top navigation


The purpose of having boat owners register their boat with the US Class is primarily so the measurement form for each boat can be stored ditigally and associated with its respective boat. This ensures that, should the measurement certificate be needed, it is digitally accessable from the US Class boat registration database.