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Coaches & Team Leaders:

Attached are location maps, Naval Command Rules & Regs, a site map. - DOWNLOAD HERE

Fiddler’s Cove is a marina & RV resort for active duty and retired military, it is by permit only that we have access to the facility for our training & regatta use.

The following information will also be helpful.

Fiddler’s Cove Address (see attached maps) is : 3205 Silver Strand Blvd, San Diego, CA

                              Manager:  Jarod Koontz

                              Asst. Mgr: Matt Bishop

  1. There will be no car/daily parking inside the main gate – drop offs only except for chaperone cares which will have to use outside gate parking;
  2. Car pooling of sailors is recommended as there is limited parking outside the gate;
  3. Limited but sufficient on site chaperones must be arranged by the attending parents;
  4. Fiddler’s Cove facilities cannot be used as a gathering/social place for the general crowd – sailors, coaches and chaperones only
  5. Authorized boat trailers and the sailing dinghy’s will be inside;
  6. Provision has been made to tie up the coach boats – other private boats cannot use the facility;
  7. There is no resource for coach boat fuel at Fiddler’s Cove – nearest fuel doc is all the way at the other end of the Bay – suggest using Gerry Cans and going to local gas stations further south on Silver Strand Blvd (CA Rt 75) in Imperial Beach and refueling there – easiest solution;
  8. There are heads, but no showers available for after sailing – all personal clean-up should be planned for off site;
  9. There is one hose by the launch area, but they are big on water conservation, so the usual “wash your elephant” water use will not be allowed.  It might be best to bring 1-5 gallon jugs of fresh water to rinse your equipment;
  10. There is a small grocery/novelty store on site – no formal food service;
  11. Make arrangements for food and water/liquids before you arrive each day – no glass containers;
  12. Trash is a BIG issue.  Do not leave your site untidy at any time.  Police the area before you launch and before you depart for the evening;
  13. There are trash containers, but I suggest that the chaperones have heavy duty trash bags for the sailors to place trash each day;
  14. There is no provision to stay on station for the night – boat and trailer storage only;
  15. Fiddler’s Cove management is making a plan to keep all boats on their dolly’s above the launch ramp.  There is a pretty good tide flow and the beach is not very big, so boats will not be kept on the beach (float away opportunity).  They will direct you on site – put oats where they direct you – do not get creative.  There’s a lot of Military folks using the facility, so please be respectful.
  16. There are going to be charges to keep our boats there, $2 every night for each dinghy, and the trailers put in storage will obviously be more. I’ll have the pricing of those soon.  The US I-420 Class will pay that bill and each sailors will reimburse the Class after we leave the facility on August 5th – heading to Coronado Yacht Club up the street.


Larry R. Law

Volunteer President

U.S. I-420 Class Association

Team USA - Int'l Sailing Team

1048 Irvine Avenue, Suite 628

Newport Beach, CA 92660


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