2015 News

Attention All I-420 2015 Youth Championships Competitors

Wickford Regatta 2015 is coming June 6-7, 2015 in Wickford, Rhode Island, just a short drive from Roger Williams University, the site of the Youth Champs. I-420s have been competing at the Wickford Regatta for years and love the great racing on trapezoid courses.

For those who may be planning to take SAT exams on Saturday, June 6, North Kingstown High School is a SAT testing location less than 1 mile from the Wickford Regatta venue. The starting time for I-420s will be delayed to allow those taking SATs to make the start.

Wickford Yacht Club has also arranged for storage before or after the event for anyone needing temporary storage. We understand that logistics can be a challenge and are doing what we can to make it easier for you.

Go to www.wickfordregatta.com and register today!

Skip Whyte
Wickford Regatta Chairman
401-481-2997 /